Legends of Khazakh


Date: March 16, 17 &18
Time: 7 p.m.
Venue: Attakulangara Central School
Language: Malayalam
Duration: 3 h 20 min

About the play:
The theatrical expression 'Legends of Khazakh' has been inspired by the novel 'KhazakinteIthihasam' by the renowned Malayalam author and cartoonist O V Vijayan. The performance fuses native religious rituals and native art forms.The characters of this play meet the spectators in the aesthetically subverted, politically deconstructed and surreal space. Portraying or interpreting Khasakh into its multidimensional plurality was a challenge to any medium. This theatrical interpretation stands as an exemption.
In the words of director DeepanSivaraman: "The production process took about six months to complete but, it took about 15 years to process in my mind. It was an extraordinary journey. I knew that Khasakh is a complex text to transform into theatre."

Director DeepanSivaraman is an Associate Professor at Ambedkar University in New Delhi.Has taught scenography at the University of Arts, London and is recipient of Kerala SangeethaNatakaAkademi award for theatre direction. Deepanhas designed and directed more than 60 performances for various companies and academic institutions in India and Europe.

Production: Trikaripur K M K SmarakaKalasamithi, Kerala
Direction, Scenography: DeepanSivaraman
Light Design: Jose Koshi

Design by C-Dit