Date: March 22
Time: 6 p.m.
Venue: Tagore Theatre
Language: Kannada
Duration: 1 h 35 min

About the play:
A pursuit of modern-day artistic mind to travel back to the times gone and by interpreting modern-day stage language is a highlight of the play ‘SwapnaVasavadutta’ presented by RangayanaDharwad.
SwapnaVasavadutta is a Sanskrit play written by Bhasa, some 2000 years ago and is based on the life and times of King Udayana, a descendent of the Pandavas.  Udayana represents the epitome of a dreamer. Immersed in worldly pleasures, he literally sails on a stream of never-ending dreams. This makes him at times as an inept ruler of his kingdom; yet he manages to remain in power and that too without sacrificing his desires and dreams.
Director Prasant Narayanan has deftly put forward the relation between dreams and man and its psychological study in this dream-like play. Throughout the play there is a search for parallels to dreams; it takes the audience to dreams and make them dream. The story grows like a dream as the ruler of the kingdom or the kingdom itself is engulfed in dreams. In the course of observing dreams, realities arrive and the play in a sense is a travel towards reality through dreams.

Production:Rangayana Dharwad
Direction:Prasanth Narayanan

Design by C-Dit