Date: March 20
Time: 6 p.m.
Venue: Tagore Theatre
Language: Manipuri
Duration: 1 h 30 min

About the play:
            ‘Pebet’ is a part of the repertoire of phungawarior fireside stories, which are told to Manipuri children by their grandparents. It is a folktale deeply entrenched in the psyche of the people. In this drama, director HeisnamKanhailalattempts to comment on the political and cultural indoctrination.
Pebet is a bird, smaller than a sparrow, which is reckoned as an extinct bird species. This miniature representation of life is the protagonist of this simple story. Guarding her brood, mother Pebet distracts the predatory attention of a cat by flattering him. She continues to boost his ego till her children are ready to protect themselves. Once, the cat manages to capture the youngest in her brood. Ultimately, through a clever strategy the mother manages to trick the cat into freeing her child. Pebets are finally united as the cat disappears from their lives, somewhat dejected.
The director of ‘Pebet’ HeisnamKanhailal, who passed away in October 2016, was active in theatre for almost 50 years as a playwright, director and actor. He is the founder-director of Kalakshetra Manipur and played a pivotal role in the experimental theatre movement.

Production:Kalakshetra Manipur
Light Design: L Ibochouba

Design by C-Dit