Date: March 19
Time: 8 p.m.
Venue: Tagore Theatre
Language: Malayalam, Irula, Muduga
Duration: 1 h 15 min

About the play:
‘OruEnthinuEnthinuPenkutti’ is the independent adaptation of the famous work ‘The Why-Why Girl’ by the renowned Bengali writer MahaswetaDevi.Directed by AliyaarK, the drama tries to bring up the issues of class-gender inequalities towards the tribal and indigenous communities.It attempts to reveal the self-reliant, self-satisfied cultural diversity among the indigenous lot and the dangerous intrusion of the so called 'civilized group of people' with the intention of 'civilizing the tribals'.
The drama finds its pace through the tribal language Irula. Native folk songs of the language are also included to make it lively. The drama’s central character, the innocent Moina and her friends feed their exploiters and fall prey to their deceit. Though she becomes obedient in front of the so-called civilized clan, her father comes to her as an invisible power, a ray of hope and resistance. The forest and the wilderness, which disappear as mere shadows in the contemporary world are presented in the play through shadow puppetry. This adds a whole new dimension to it. If MahaswetaDevi concluded her work by showing Moina learning alphabets and asking curious questions, director Aliyaar has tried to portray her as the light and savior of the forest; where she persuades everyone to ask questions. Music plays a key role in this drama and the songs are in the indigenous Irula language, written for the sole purpose of the drama.

Production: Athlete KayikaNatakaVedhi, Kerala
Direction:Aliyaar K
Dramaturgy:Sabareesh K
Light Design:Renjith

Design by C-Dit