Date:March 21
Time: 8 p.m.
Venue: Tagore Theatre
Language: Tamil
Duration: 1 h 15 min

About the play:
‘MirugaVidhusagam’ (animal jester) is an attempt to portray the mere existence of people as instruments in the hands of others. The drama identifies man as a jester of this earth, wheremothers are being deprived of relations, where people become bodiless, landless and directionless and the grains in possession are taken away by theft and how we live as slaves for the liking of a nation’s ruler.
The drama throws a spotlight on the need for a living being to satiate the pleasures of those who wield authority and how we have become comic characters.Jesters have always been a political voice of the deprived and the displaced. From time immemorial they have been documenters of the conditions of the marginalized in the world. At a time when the threat of war is hangingover our heads, in MirugaVidhusagam, directed by S Murugaboopathythe jester takes the form of an animal. This selfless animal form is far ahead of humans and has embodied within itself the mind-set of insects and other creatures. The nurturing role of insects in agriculture is something that draws a parallel to this animal in the context of war. These animal forms symbolize homeless wanderers and alienated tribes and nomads.
Director S. Murugaboopathy is a recipient of SangeetNatakAkademi’sUstadBismillah Khan YuvaPuraskar. He is a drama and art teacher, playwright, theatre director, actor, musician, fiction and non-fiction writer and the founder and director of Manalmagudi Theatre Land, a contemporary nonconventional theatre troupe.

Production:ManalMagudi Drama Troupe, Tamil Nadu
Direction:S Murugaboopathy

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