Date: March 18
Time: 6 p.m.
Venue: Tagore Theatre
Language: Sanskrit
Duration: 1 h 30 min

About the play:

‘Madhyama’ means ‘the middle one’ and it forms the central point of the play ‘MadhyamaVyayogam; the Sanskrit play directed by the late KavalamNarayanaPanikkar. ‘Madhyama’ refers to Bhima, the middle one of the Pandavas and the second of the three sons in a Brahmin family.
In the play ‘MadhyamaVyayogam’ Ghatotkacha, the son of Bhima born to demonessHidimba goes out in search of a human being for his hungry mother. Ghatotkacha spots a Brahmin family. Upon seeing Ghatotkacha, the Brahmin father protects the eldest son while the mother clings on to her youngest. Their second son, the middle one, finally makes the choice to go with Gatotkacha. On the way the Brahmin boy while quenching his thirst makes Gatotkacha impatient, prompting him to yell ‘Madhyama, come soon’. Hearing his name, Bhima, who was nearby, rushes and finds the distressed Brahmin family. Learning what happened to them Bhima confronts Gatotkacha and asks him to take him instead of the Brahmin boy, but by using force. Gatotkacha fails in his attempt and later begs Bhima to accompany him. Reaching Hidimba’s dwelling, Bhima is greeted by a surprisedHidimba, who asks Gatotkacha to seek blessings from Bhima, his father.    
Poet, playwright, theatre director, writer, musician, lyricist, Padma VibhushanKavalamNarayanaPanikkar was a multi-faceted legend who carved out a unique niche for himself in the evolution of a regional theatre movement.His noted directorial ventures in Sanskrit plays include MahavakiBhasa’sMadhyamaVyayogam, Karnabharam, Urubhangam and all the three plays of MahakaviKalidasa: Sakunthalam, Malavikagnimithram and Vikramorvashiyam.

Production:Sopanam, Kerala
Playwright: MahakaviBhasa
Music, Design and Direction:KavalamNarayanaPanikkar
Light Design:Sreekanth

Design by C-Dit