Date: March 24
Time: 6 p.m.
Language: Malayalam
Venue: Tagore Theatre
Duration: 75 min

About the play:
The play ‘Kaali’ attempts to draw our attention to the unjustifiable acts in the name of caste in contemporary society. In this play, we see the releasing of pent agony, despair and dismay by a victim of casteism. The drama unfolds through a temple ritual called ‘KaaliNatakam’, which was stopped some 51 years ago, due to the murder of a performer by his co-performer. The village folks get ready to watch the ritual after a gap of 51 years.
During the course of the ritual the least unexpected happens. History repeats. The woman performing as Kaali and belonging to a low caste kills Darikan, performed by an upper caste person. Though devotees were shocked by the killing, they reckon it as a divine intervention. While the police get on with their work, the media grabs the opportunity to sensationalize the murder. In this hue and cry, the real reason that led to the murder goes unnoticed.
In this play, Director SajithaMadathil has utilized elements of ritual performances like Kaaliyoottu and Mudiyettu. Use of lights in the visual language of this play needs special mention. SajithaMadathil is a writer, academician, theatre artist and also television and film personality. One of the founders of ‘Abhinetri’ the first women’s theatre group in Kerala, she is a winner of the State film award for second best actor in 2012.

Production:Lokadharmi Kochi, Kerala
Design and Direction:Chandradasan
Music: Paris Chandran
Light Design: Jolly Antony

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