Date: March 23
Time: 6 p.m.
Venue: Tagore Theatre
Language: Malayalam
Duration: 1 h 35 min

About the play:
            The drama ‘Ekantham’ (Solitude) directed by SreejithRamanan is based on Anton Chekhov’s short story ‘The Bet’. It deals with contemporary realities of life. Immersed in complex life situations, characters in this drama find themselves between thin margins of reality and hallucination; rational and the irrational.
            Ekantham reminds one of the need to do away with the redundant and conventional practices. It takes one into the realms of life and its resultant loneliness and how one reinvents oneself. Though an adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s short story the presentation of the drama sticks to the ethos in tune with Indian context.
            Director of Ekantham, SreejithRamanan is also an actor, theatre-trainer and is currently a faculty at the School of Drama and Fine Arts, University of Calicut. Winner of Government of Kerala’s best actor award in 2003, Sreejith has to his credit half a dozen directorial ventures and had associated with 80 odd productions in various capacities.

Production: PrakashKalakendram, Kerala
Scenography, Costume and Direction:SreejithRamanan
Playwright:Unnikrishnan P J
Light Design:ShymonChelad

Design by C-Dit