Date: March 24
Time: 8 p.m.
Venue: Tagore Theatre
Language: Malayalam
Duration: 1 h 30 min

About the play:
This drama depicts how authorities irresponsibly force common man to walk on new avenues of development devised by them. Directed by Arunlal, the drama ‘ChillaraSamaram’upholds the pulse of the common man.It is portrayed through a conflict between a community of retail traders and the corporation authorities, who want to displace the retailers by building imposing shopping malls as part of town development. The corporation reckons the retailers as the proponents of coins and the songs of the poor men as old fashioned. The corporation tries in vain to transform the retailers and fit them intotheir new game plan. Eventually the retailers, representing the common people, emerge out of the plot set by the corporation and rediscover their self from their traditional songs and steps.
ChillaraSamaram is noted for its limited sets and costumes and emphasis on body language of the actors, which is derived from rural art forms of Kerala like Chavittu Kali and AyyappanVilakku. And the characters comprise beedi, cigarette, match box, twenty-five paisa etc., which represent ordinary people.
Director Arunlal is also an actor and theatre trainer with an experience of two decadesand is the artistic director of Little Earth School of Theatre, Kerala.The play ChillaraSamaram won awards for the best play and director in the State-level competition held by the Kerala SangeethaNatakaAkademi in 2015.

Production: Little Earth School of Theatre
Script: Rajesh

Design by C-Dit