12 Machines


Date: March 17
Time: 7.45 p.m.
Venue: Tagore Theatre
Language: Malayalam
Duration: 2 h 30 min

About the play:

‘12 Machines’ directed by KannanUnni A is an attempt to explore an individual's constant conflict with society on multiple levels, imagined as machines and told through 12 episodes and structured to play out like an advertisement or propaganda. Six of these machines deal with the direct conflict between the individual and the society. The other six episodes deal with individual desires.The episodes start with Cultural Security Machine in which a wild creature is born from a cocoon and its mastertames and claims it and later its progeny too as his own. The drama winds up with episode 12 i.e. Confusion Machine that revolves around a man and a woman, who are a confused lot in their relationship. 
The play is staged by Backstage Theatre Group, comprising ardent theatre lovers, who aim to spread awareness about the importance of theatre practices by conducting numerous theatre workshops for people of all age groups. Director KannanUnni A is a graduate from National School of Drama and his noted directorial ventures include ThevarudeAana, Mathavilasam and Jaiva.

Production:Backstage Theatre Group, Kerala
Direction:KannanUnni A
Scenography:Firos Khan
Music:Anoop Mohandas
Light Design:Roy KG


Design by C-Dit